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Nola Time

Nola Time

after 9pm (Nola Time)
clubbed communication
of rich's Karma
through Love's binary codE
3♣️ 8♦️ 10♥️
False royalty fallen at the Crossroads 
2♣️ Q♠️ K♣️
Jack's through the 7's
pullin tricks outta mad hats
7♦️ J♠️ J♣️
Messages doled 
spades 2 hearts fold
time in twin pine's mould
🃏Jokers Wild
Magician on fire
the Dead speak through Ace's diamond
Snake Eyes in RED
hearts on tha mend
ReUnion bleeds arrest
on fingers cold
🃏... (The Joker again)
taunting w/ fallen coins
Rollin' round the wheel again
flesh & ink
cats gleam
eyes green
not is all black & white this time
A♣️ 7♠️
Illuminati lurkin'👁‍🗨
at table next to Lion's fountain 
pink shirt and a cigar
(dead meat, son of a <¥£? )
I've got you by the ball hairs!
dimes spill minds
robots rust in salt pools
(by the ball hairs...
in binary code)
10♠️, & tha beat rollZzz on ~~~
one more shuffle
& in the box they go.

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