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RedByrd F.Tx

"Rozy, we can't. I can't allow us to drop down in a complete coin splash and rely only on our wits to bring us back together. I can't risk ever loosing you."

Rozy & Rye-boy never fought.

The RedByrd had turbulence. 

"Are you saying our wits aren't particularly keen enough to handle the fu'king Job?"

"No baby, sweetheart, the torture has potential to be too great. It's wits through the storm..."

... torture.


"Don't "baby, sweetheart" me. You don't think I can handle it."

*SLAM* Air pocket. 

"That's not it and you know it."

"We finally have the chance to crack this bitch; double down and be free from the shit. It will be our finest performance" Rozy's flair for the romantic teathered the dream of gaining peace, at whatever cost.

Rye-boy slammed the wall. Right hook.

Rozy didn't flinch.

"By the second lifetime I'm going to have to be "that guy"... I'm going to be so deep in the rips of psy-fuk, finding you through the haze. I'm going to have to go full psycho.... and if you can't see me through that shit, I'm going to fucking murder you."

Defenses dropped.

"I love it when you give me that talk. Murder."

Their love had always been that deep, dedication bound. If all else failed, they'd burn together in the desert.

Gas flames

Since kids, they promised~

"If we go out

We go together"


"They're going to break you so hard, turtle dove." He finally managed to get her into his arms.

"But that's why I go as the man first. I'll have all the shit I need to go ballz to tha' wall by the time we get to the second round. Jim will be the blaze of fire nobody forgets. If all goes as planned, he could get as big as Christ. ... No matter how hard they break me, I'll remember my greatness. I'll remember my fire."

"I can't believe you're still trying to talk me into this." He pulled back to find Rozy's eyes. "You realize we're going to have to get real down and dirty to complete the alchemy circuit, right? ... We're going to have to pull a fast one to pull it off, baby. That's a risk I don't believe I'm able to take".

"Trust me".

"You say that, but that's OUR SHIT. We aren't just going down on a body and driving the muse music..."

"What other choice do we have? It's our cosmic duty."

"Our cosmic duty is for shit. We dropped the crown ages ago. I can't even see past the underground anymore."

"It's this, or take our chances and let some other assholes handle it.  ... Fuking amateurs."

"GODDAMNIT" (wall punch) "The fuking machine."

The drone waves had grown so strong, even the navigation system was on the fritz. Their brain sears were nearly unbearable. They never had to talk out lout so much. Though too much static in the airwaves for clear ESP.  The RedByrd had been bugged, and they knew it.

"The nexus point is opening. We gotta jam, baby. It's now, it's this, or parish with the other sad assholes on the tenement stations. I can't live in those boxes, you know that. We'll go insane."

"Death or death...

great options, baby."


"Once we hit the second round, we'll more or less look like us, we've got the bloodlines all worked out..."

He interrupted, "I'll love you no matter what you look like, you know that."

"Yea, but we keep those bodies... and I never want to stop being us."... Torture. "I trust our crew. It's our best option."



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