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Vanity Peel

Vanity Peel

Must have been venerable 

shots of suffering

that caused me to 

divide my time

between the 5's & 9's


Friends in my mind

tears flowing

leaper skin

black plague Death

dangled in front of me on a string


Soul ripped

half tipped

fighting my demise

one minute at a clip

"take another sip", ghost whispers 


Love that never shows a face

blind touch

phantom stuck

just beyond the veil

 Kisses without lips


all $hit

Hell on Earth

fire climbing


shrugging challenges half-dipped


Gotta be a way out

freedom is somewhere

dreams away...


Is this REAL?








Sparkles to fade

paper ripped 

at the seams


Somewhere in Mexico

Xroad bonez 



12th House Soul RIP

8's falling for Eternity


Let me out!!

Bones of the goat 

black mountain sisters

(I found them there)

"You better not take those, Miss Rose."

I didn't care.

They were mine

tucked them into my skirt

& laid them out on the Mojave Sand

kissed with rose oil & gifts from the sea


Mechanical Death



felt like years

waiting for a man who never comes


broken mirrors



tomorrow's desires

back to the desert

my pilgrimage 



{>>The DJ is in<<}

gold-dipped in shit

& piss

glitz & dick 

("strangest life I've ever known") 

thanks, Jim

4 ruining my goddamned life

... It was fuked from the start anyway


are we dead yet?

(he said in a hushed tone)


the perverted Asshats don't get credit for any of this;

Samsara only accomplishes pain

it's not beautiful

fat turd

(how eloquent of you...)

if it weren't 4 my dead boyfriends

I'd have no friends

they sure know how to party

 firing up suffering

hash marks & ink stains

Time mocks me

Bats hiding 

behind the face of the owl


fukin' pigs

tasty too

fry up the fat

wash it down w/ spit

(smoke up, bitch)

Will do, Charlie

rolled one up for you 2


Precious Child

or dirty old man

fu'ked into indifference

Christ is pissed


This is why the greats die young.


I met Death at the Crossroads

armed with a pen

& a tour guide





(Hafiz is in the Horns ~ Skip James in da' frame)

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